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Law school or lumber? Thirty five years ago Eric Smith was at a crossroads.  He decided to pursue his passion for woodworking that began as a child in his father's workshop.  Turning his back on a full ride to law school, with a fair measure of trepidation he set out  to use his hands to improve the quality of home life for others.  Building upon the foundation of a healthy work ethic, coupled with his God given design talent, he found plenty of opportunity to support his growing family of 10.

 Along the way, Eric met Dan Swain, who had devoted his life since college to the cabinetry business.  The two combined their talents and experience to form Potomac Shores Custom Cabinetry.  Initially, building cabinets from a modest barn facility, Potomac Shores has grown to support many individuals yet remains the same  family run company that takes pride in their workmanship and cares for their customer.  Dan and Eric find joy in providing well designed spaces filled with well crafted cabinetry.  Their desire is to improve home life everywhere.   

Custom corner cabinet




Our designs begin with your dreams.  Let one of our professional designers help you imagine what we can build for you. Sign up today to book one of our online design consultants.


Why buy cabinetry that's sitting in a warehouse somewhere? Our cabinet construction begins when you place the order. Surprisingly, we can often complete your project faster than the big box stores can receive their ordered cabinets.


All of our finishes are hand rubbed or custom mixed spray applications using virtually any color or finish you can imagine. We offer every customer an entirely custom finish.



Oak Hill, Virginia  20171

Tel: 1-833-4-SHORES



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